My Girlfriends Place 2

The Creator & The Designer 

Sylvester James (1947-88)

             A child gospel star, American disco star, soul singer,, and a member of the landmark performance artists, his anthem record, “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame a San Francisco treasure.

             Not only a musical Icon, but a designer of this one of a kind jewelry that he made by hand and passed his passion on to his sister who he named at birth (Bernadette) better known as BeaJay.







     BeaJay, a well-known Makeup /Special Fx Artist and with over 29 years behind her belt. After the death of her brother Sylvester in 1988 she wanted his creation to stay alive though the works of her hands.


       This Artwork line of jewelry named after Sylvester and Bernadette (Syl-B Jewelry for My Girlfriends Place 2) are all one of a kind, made of mix-mediums like, floor tile, Swarovski Crystals, Gemstone, Glass and all of God and nature’s beautiful creation from the earth that are used to create these wonderful one of a kind pieces, "You must have in your collection of fine jewelry artwork".

     It's the result of a passion for unique, often bold in scale, pushing past the limitations of traditional jewelry to create a new definition of handmade designs made into beautiful wearable art.  These eclectic multi media vision of my work has been exhibited at many Art Galleries, Art Festivals, Sold on my website and warned by Beautiful People around the world for many years

            So go ahead and look at these pieces of great artwork made into jewelry, I hope that you love them as much as I enjoyed creating them. - BeaJay

MY GIRLFRIENDS PLACE   at The Arbor Life Spa

BeaJay, the Esthetician